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MFA Thesis Solo Show

Reception: Thursday APRIL 25TH, 2013 6-9 PM


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My Aunt Jane Lee and her fiancee Herman, circa 1950

My Aunt Jane Lee was one of 14 children and a twin. One of 4 sets of twins born to my grandmother and grandfather. She also is one of 6 of those 14 children to die from Alzheimers disease. Yes, 6 of my fathers brothers and sisters have died of Alzheimers disease. She left this world on November 1, 2012. Jane Lee had class, a natural leader in my father’s family of 10 sisters and 4 brothers.

She was sophisticated and smart. She loved to travel and she lived on Manhattan’s Riverside Drive for decades. When her husband Herman fell in love with her and she him, he left his family for her, it created the biggest scandal and greatest love story in my family. Despite that drama and devastating effects on his first family, they had a lasting marriage until his death. She was a leading matriarch among my daddy’s brothers and sisters. My memories of her conjure the photographs in my family’s albums. There are pictures of my young father walking her down the aile at her wedding. Her presence eminating from my parents wedding album, in a group photograph she is standing in front of all the males in his family.

My Aunt Jane Lee was strong, a country girl from North Carolina, she had ambition to be somebody and a determination to ascend higher than her humble upbringing. She gave me the example of how to present and hold oneself with grace, to have dignity, always strive to go higher, and never forget family.

R.I.P Aunt Jane

Love your neice,


What They Meant To Me (Twin Towers)

I was there the day you died
When they brought you to the foundations of your being
If I had known the September of your passing I would have come to see you everyday in your majesty and glory till the end
It broke my heart when they told me you were gone
Oh God how tall, majestic and strong you were in your youth
You could hear the angels whispering
You were my beckons, I’ve seen you in sunny days I thought would never end 
You swayed with the winds, you danced off the rains, you shined like diamonds in the morning sun
The years had been kind to you, you had not yet show your true age
On the morning of your death as you held so many lives within you, you bore the impact of evil, you looked the devil in the eyes
It was man who made you but it was God who made him and in that creation you were born 
Yes Twin Towers you are Gods creation…
Now everyday I spent with you is significant in my heart…in my memory,